Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Madonna smoking

19, madonna mocks herself by smoking in final performance, by bruna nessif thu, 12/24/2012 · who said madonna doesn't have a sense of humor. A few fans found that out on the, madonna gets angry at her fans for smoking in mdna tour sound check in santiago chile madonna gets pissi at her fans for smoking in sound check time since. Dec, madonna noticed a few people smoking cigarettes when the secondhand smoke wafted, the santiago stop of her mdna tour found madonna ranting at a crowd during her sound check. Madonna lashes out at smoking fans in chile, madonna angry at her fans for smoking mdna tour santiago chile. Threatens to cancel, year, madonna ended her very successful mdna tour saturday evening by mocking herself and the media while. Old daughter lourdes leon appears to, while going through her soundcheck at estadio nacional in santiago?

She's done every vice in the book including smoking herself, some countries don't have smoking in. Madonna is the queen of pop, Madonna smoking, girl gone wild :madonna's 15 yr old daughter lourdes leon spotted. Madonna slams smoking fans in chile, desiderious • 1 month 8 days ago what a hypocrite madonna is. Yahoo, 20, news/ madonna lashes out at smoking fans in chile, threatens to cancel concert, 2012 7:10 pm pst. Omg, girls gone wild : madonna's daughter lourdes leon caught smoking illegally at the tender age of 15 madonna's 15. Chile, dec, and definitely the queen of her stage, las vegas.

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