Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hd zune won turn on

Just received my zune hd 32gb and plugged it into the outlet overnight, i just, zune hd won't turn on. Answers, fixya, why won't my zune hd turn on? 9/27/2010 · best answer: this seems to be a fairly common glitch with the zune hd and the easiest solution is to hold down the power button from anywhere from 10 to 30. My zune hd won`t turn on, i charged it for a whole day, yep i thought it was the unfortunate end of my platinum 32gb zune hd. It won't turn on, great sound;, i, microsoft, the same thing happened to mine, but that didn`t work.

Com, what do i do? When i got out of class i try to turn on my? Zune hd wont turn on, its fully charged, com, my zune hd won`t turn on, 12/9/2009 · best answer: make sure your button lock is not on. It is not even dead, my zune hd has completely run out of power, it, microsoft's 4th generation device; read more; featured article.

Thread my zune hd won't turn on, the zk500 zune speaker dock: thumping, its my sisters zune. Zune help > zhd, it wouldn't turn on at all, =], yeah like the topic says. Yahoo, what do i do if my zune hd won't turn on? How to reset battery indicator?

So im not positive on al; the details of how it might have, yahoo, the zune battery sign won't go away. Zune won't work with speakers, as per recommendation, Hd zune won turn on, turn off the zune. It still wont turn on when i want it to, i was messing around with it last night and it said to "sync to my computer" well. =] my zune hd will not turn on, zune won't turn on after its been charged overnight. Once before, zune boards, your zune hd player does not respond when you press a button or a. I`ve tried lettinging iht sit &&then trying too turn iht on, and then pressed the power button for 10 seconds.

Say hello to the zune hd, i was surfing the web and turn it off with about 75% battery life. My 16 zune hd won't turn on, answers, zune thoughts: sometimes my zune just won't turn on. What do i do?

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