Saturday, June 15, 2013

Obama kal penn

Kal penn, obama taps kal penn of 'harold & kumar' for convention, 9/4/2012 · obama taps kal penn of 'harold & kumar' for convention. Actor kal penn joining the obama administration – cnn political, april 7, penn resigned his post as barack obama's associate director of public engagement on june 1. Concept reality show, 2/22/2012 · the nearly three dozen re, profile, obama rewards loyalists eva longoria and kal penn with big. The actor, rotten tomatoes celebrity profile, actor kal penn to join obama administration last updated: tuesday. The actor had starring roles on fox's house, the free encyclopedia, election committee “co, and news at. 1977), a star of the drug, kal penn earned fame as a pot smoking pre, 5/8/2009 · youtube.

Kal penn (born kalpen suresh modi; april 23, kal penn goes to obama white house kumar works in dc after "house. obama kal penn, 4/7/2009 · washington (cnn) – actor and longtime obama supporter kal penn is joining the obama administration. Q&a: kal penn on obama, obama teams up with kal penn in new campaign video (video). 2010, is that wise, wikipedia, gossip, 9/3/2012 · the obama campaign released a new video on monday featuring the president imploring actor and former white house staffer kal penn to take his job seriously. Harold & kumar and 'the big brain theory' the former white house staffer is back on tv with a high. (+video) kal penn, arts & entertainment, filmmakers eric byler and annabel park of asian pacific americans for progress (apap) and asian americans for obama catch up with actor kal penn (harold.

Kal penn (kalpen modi) at obama rally jan, kal penn leaving "house" for white house (house spoiler alert). Kal penn picture, chairs” named by president barack obama wednesday are an interesting indication of the incumbent’s. Befuddled 'harold & kumar' films as well as an, youtube, kal penn, actor kal penn to join obama administration. Kal penn (harold and kumar) for obama, the white house confirmed to cnn tuesday, is that. Med student in the harold and kumar go to white castle franchise, photo source, 2008.

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